Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Midterms and CBC Pics

Not much to report I'm afraid. Midterms today and tomorrow. Actually, one next week on Wednesday, too. Haven't had any opportunities to go out birding (well, none that I've taken advantage of). If I push myself a little more I'm sure I can get better at going out in the morning to bird, because really the only reason I don't is that I'm too lazy. If I want to get up earlier to go birding, I'll have to get to bed earlier, so I'll have to procrastinate less on my homework. This could end up being beneficial for my schoolwork, actually. We'll see. The two times I have gone out birding at dawn it was definitely more than worth it. I'll try to keep that in mind.

The only thing I have to say is that I've finally set up my feeders in our teeny tiny backyard. The apartment complex itself has an extensive area that serves as a community backyard, and our townhouses have little privacy fences, so we also sort of have our own little space. Just waiting for the first visitors to arrive. While I was putting them up, I was pleased to see 2 Downy Woodpeckers, 2 Robins, and a male and a female cardinal. There aren't any evergreens in the community backyard, which I imagine must contribute to the presence of birds here, which strikes me as relatively low.

Next I need to put up the three birdhouses I've been working on. I've had them painted and waiting for a while now, the other week I started stenciling leaves on them [because clearly the birds will choose a birdhouse based on its aesthetic appeal ;) ]. I know that a bird would probably prefer a dark green or a brown house to a bright pink or a white one, but apart from that I'm not sure it makes much difference.

There is one thing I would really like to do--combine my hobby with my major. I want to go out birding with members of the Deaf community. What could be better than combining two of my biggest interests? I would love to get a feel for describing the physical characteristics of a bird in ASL. Sometimes I wonder if I should make a little poster or something to put in the RRCD clubhouse (Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf), asking if any of the members are interested in birding with me. Then I wonder what I would actually write on the darned thing, and what the chances are of anyone taking me up on it, and I think "nevermind."

Oh! I've finally got some pictures from the Newburyport CBC! Take a look :)

First up, my lifer Northern Shrike. I know you can barely see it (yes, the photo's already been cropped) but I did get to see this guy through the scope.
more lifers, a male and female Bufflehead with some American Black Ducks
Horned Larks. Talk about camouflage......
I believe this is a Razorbill (which would be yet another lifer) but I'm not positive. I know squat about alcids.
Here my lifer Red-throated loon is hanging out near the Razorbill
This Harrier treated me to a close fly-by. Too bad I didn't have my shutter speed set any higher.
I should go study for my voicing midterm. I just wanted to post something, because I notice that the site hits seem to increase when I post ;)


  1. For what it's worth, you're right about the Razorbill.

  2. Just wanted to drop a quick note. Look forward to reading future posts and about the birds you see both here in MA and while in NY. If you have a chance, let me know when you are in MA - we can get you on Brookline Bird Club (BBC) trips as well as help to get you around to the various other wonderful birding spots around here. (Not that there is anything wrong with PI - one of my favorite places!)