Friday, July 3, 2009

Backyard Barn Swallows

There have been Barn Swallows zooming around our backyard and doing figure eights around the houses in my neighborhood for the past week or so at least. Yesterday after coming home from doing some errands I finally got the chance to photograph them.
Unfortunately I couldn't get pictures much better than these since those swallows are fast and it was cloudy and rainy out. I had fun standing in the middle of my backyard watching them swoop by me, several times within a few feet. When that happened, I didn't try to photograph them (after the first couple of failed attempts, anyway), just enjoyed observing them.


  1. Barn Swallows are not easy to photograph in flight so you did a nice job! Isn't it so wonderful watching them zoom all around you? Awesome!


  2. Well done Amanda. I had a similar experience sitting on the grass whilst away last week but didn't even attempt a photo.

  3. hey...good job..I think my screen would be blank..LOL
    did u see the henslows?????

  4. Dawn-
    not yet, I'm headed out to Rochester to visit some friends tomorrow, so I'm planning on stopping to try to see it on the way there, save some time and gas and whatnot. Crossing my fingers that it's still hanging around when I finally get my tush out there.

  5. The best of luck with the Henslow's.
    I was fortunate enough to see them twice while I was in Michigan and they are surprisingly beautiful. I also think their song is cool.

    And those Barn Swallow pics are very nice.

  6. Superb and Excellent pictures from you of this birds.

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  7. Nice pictures. I never seem to get as good in flight pics as yours - even if it was cloudy