Monday, February 2, 2009

A Fine Morning at the Feeders + Bird Beer

With all the excitement surrounding the injured Merganser last week, I forgot to even mention that I started seeing birds at my feeders. First it was a solitary black-capped, and a couple of days later a pair of cardinals showed up, too.
This morning I was thrilled to see the female cardinal at the feeder when I went downstairs for breakfast. The male was no where to be seen, and the female didn't stay too long. They seem to prefer coming to the feeders right around dawn. Then I noticed not one, but three chickadees! And my window feeder even got some attention, although I didn't manage to get a photo.

I am kind of assuming that the pair of cardinals are the same individuals each time I see them, which I realize may not be the case at all. I haven't noticed any particularly striking unique characteristics, but there also aren't a ton of cardinals in our backyard--ever. Or at least, that I've seen since we've moved in. (Yes, I know, I'm being hasty with my conclusions.)

My boyfriend's backyard is a different story. There's a decent amount of good brush cover, a nice thicket. The past couple of weeks I've been making notes (both mental ones and the real kind, on paper) of the "regulars" there. 4 male cardinals, 2 females, 2 mockingbirds, and a blue jay. I've also seen a goldfinch and a song sparrow, but they're not "regulars" yet.

Anyway, as I was enjoying the presence of the 3 chickadees at my feeders, I was treated to another very nice surprise--
And a moment later, another visitor!
I was thrilled to get such great shots of the downy, and the ones I got of the red-bellied woodpecker weren't bad either. My face must've been ridiculous. If any of my roommates had come downstairs they would've seen a young woman in her PJs with messy I-just-got-out-of-bed-morning hair, a camera around her neck, and a huge grin across her face. I think I may have done a little tip-toe dancing, too. I can't wait until tomorrow morning!

Then, in the afternoon, ANOTHER species to add to the backyard list. He didn't visit the feeder that I witnessed, but maybe in a day or two ;)
My afternoon class was cancelled, so I went out towards Braddock Bay. I ended up going down Edgemere Drive, Beach Ave, and exploring Ontario Beach Park (not exactly sure of the name) a little before continuing on to Irondequoit Bay. I'm just so infatuated with the diving ducks.

Saw some interesting.....hybrids? I really have no idea what to make of these two:
If anyone has any idea about those two.....waterfowl, by all means, let me know. I'd appreciate it. :) To be honest, they kind of remind me of Toy Story, the toys Sid puts different doll-heads on and whatnot. They just look.....I don't know.

There was an article called "Losing Ruby" in Bird Watcher's Digest (Jan/Feb 2009) I found therapeutic--I guess I really took it hard when the merganser didn't make it. So if anyone has recently had to say goodbye to a wild bird, I recommend reading it.

PS-My roommates rule. Check out what they got me for my 21st
You're jealous. Admit it.


  1. OH, Yes.. jealous... especially on a Friday. What a wonderful birder's gift. We might steal that idea!

  2. Oh wow! I just stumbled upon this while searching for an image of a similar bird beer present that I gave to my mom (also a birder) 2010. Amazingly we have just one overlap!

    Super cool!